Social Media Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Angry Hateful Cowards

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Hey Everyone, welcome to Monday’s Social Media News!!

Now typically Monday’s are slow news days.

But don’t let the deter you from reading and understanding the importance of a couple of the social media news stories that we picked for you.

So what do you say we get started!


I know that you have at least heard one or two stories about th Miss America contest.  I also know that you heard some of the ugly stuff that was happening on Twitter no sooner than the results were announced.

To tell you the truth though, in this day and age are you surprised.

This great story examines how we a turning it to a bunch of ugly mean spirited people.

Social Media Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Angry Cowards
Many of you like to share your perspective. Not face-to-face, mind you…that’s just so 20th Century. Instead, judgment is made anonymously from behind a keyboard, a pad and smartphone from a couch, desk, bed, latrine or even from behind the wheel (because, you know, waiting until being stationary would mean acting like an adult).


We have highlighted a few of Social Media Examiner’s podcast’s here in the social media news listings.  And that is for good reason, they are pretty darn good.

Here Mike Stelzner gives his take on the podcast, why its doing as well as it is, and implementing one in your business.

What Do You Want in a Business Podcast?
Business podcasts seem to be all the rage these days. I had an amazing conversation with Mike Stelzner over at Social Media Examiner about the success they’ve had with their podcast and it really sparked my thoughts.


We have actually thought about trying this out.

Here is the latest post we put on our page.

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But surely there are better uses for embedding Facebook posts right?

6 Creative Ways to Use Embedded Facebook Posts
Would you like more people to see your Facebook posts? Have you used Facebook’s new feature to embed posts on your website or blog? Embedding Facebook updates on your website can help you increase visibility and


Ahhhhhh the wonderful world of Twitter, check out some of these highlights!!

10 Moments on Twitter That Will Go Down in History
Twitter’s impact and importance in the global media landscape is often touted. In a relatively short span of time, the service has influenced how news breaks and shares, how celebrities and brands communicate with their customers.


Every use hashtags in Twitter?  Sure you have.

I wouldn’t doubt that your last Tweet had one in it.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

But do they really have a point?

And how can you leverage them so your not wasting your character space?

Are You Using Hashtags Properly? Find Out Here
Anyone who has been using social media for more than a few hours has seen hashtags used and abused. It can be confusing for businesses and professionals trying to figure out the role of hashtags in their marketing campaigns.  However, proper hashtag usage is not as elusive as it may seem at first. In fact, by breaking it down into four simple steps, you can master the use of hashtags across all of your major social networks. Here are those steps:


And finally we started today off with the jerk of social media news.

Now lets end it with a feel good story about how social media can actually help people.


shocked face

I know right, social media news helping someone….SHOCKING!

Boy’s letter to Santa about bullied sister shows positive side of social media
Stories like that of Karen Suffern and her children Ryan and Amber are great examples of how we can positively impact culture.  Because, in my view at least, it’s the culture that we need to change if we want a better environment for our kids, not so much the laws.  The more we all discuss it and face the challenges head-on through positive examples, the more we can impact the culture.

After you wipe your tears from reading that story, leave us a comment on how social media has help and/or hurt you or someone on you love.

Clint Butler is the owner of ArchAngel Inc. which publishes content about social media, search engine optimization and video marketing. He is the editor of The Social Media Marketing Reporter and CEO of

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  2. Nile on October 13, 2013

    I think its more like we’re turning into a bunch of Troll feeders and Neighborhood ladies.. you know, the ladies who have too much time on their hands that even watching soap operas don’t keep them out of their neighbors’ business…lol
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  3. Helene Martin on September 23, 2013

    Hi Clint The first pic WOW I taught…. This guy look horrible he should quit is JoB…& then I start reading and I fall asleep…LOL then I woke up keep reading This is a wonderful post like always. Now to answer your question…Social media can be very weird sometime for example you post something funny, For you it can be just funny, but it may also hurt someone feeling…so we have to be careful just enough to don’t hurt people ….
    Helene Martin recently posted…CAN YOU ANSWER THOSE 4 QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?My Profile

  4. Erin on September 23, 2013

    Another interesting blog!! You and these crazy pictures make it tough for me to share lol :-) But your content is always super interesting! :-)
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